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Information Society Technologies Sixth Framework Programme

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Orchestra Project Recent disaster events have highlighted the urgent need to consolidate information from disparate information systems to support citizen protection and security issues, and disaster and emergency management operations. Disaster risk management activities involve multiple organisations at various administrative levels, each having their own systems and services.

The capacity to share relevant information required when dealing with cross-border environmental risks is too limited, thus preventing a truly efficient handling of problems. One of the most urgent and important challenges governments are facing is to get these systems to work together and share information to allow proper data analysis and resource management, both being critical elements of disaster risk management.

Project Objectives
ORCHESTRA is designing and implementing the specifications for a service oriented spatial data infrastructure for improved interoperability among risk management authorities in Europe, which will enable the handling of more effective disaster risk reduction strategies and emergency management operations. The ORCHESTRA Architecture is open and based on standards. Its specifications are contained in a document called the Reference Model–ORCHESTRA Architecture (RM-OA) which is open and free of charge, and can be downloaded from http://www.eu-orchestra.org/publications.shtml.

Expected Results
ORCHESTRA will not only deliver technical results such as the RM-OA plus developed services and applications, but also aims to bring together and consolidate the risk management community. This is being done by integrating the results and recommendations of previous and current European and National projects and initiatives, thus harmonising the technical underpinning of Risk Management. In particular, ORCHESTRA is currently collaborating with nearly twenty on-going projects and initiatives, including projects not funded by the EC and projects outside Europe.

Some of the results of ORCHESTRA are being used as input to the INSPIRE (through its Drafting Teams) and GMES initiatives.

ORCHESTRA is an Integrated Project partly funded by the European Commission’s 6th framework program, under the priority "Improving Risk Management".

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