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Information Society Technologies Sixth Framework Programme

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Publications & Presentations

You will find more presentations of ORCHESTRA in the relevant events where the project was presented.

 RM-OA: Reference Model for the ORCHESTRA  Architecture download

 ORCHESTRA Architecture Service Specifications download

 ORCHESTRA Book download

 ORCHESTRA Training material visit now

 ORCHESTRA Electronic Newsletter III download

 ORCHESTRA Electronic Newsletter II see now download

 Fact Sheet see now download

 ORCHESTRA Fact Sheet in CORDIS see now  

 ORCHESTRA Leaflet on INFSO Projects Impacting EU Policies download

 Brochure download

 Poster (05/10/07) download

 Towards an open disaster risk management  service architecture for INSPIRE and GMES   White Paper download

 ORCHESTRA in ICT Results (18-Jul-07): "Environmental songlines for IT systems" see now  

 ORCHESTRA in IST Results: "Better risk management, less a disaster" see now  

 ORCHESTRA in IST Results: "Taking on the interoperability challenge" see now  

 Interview for the Semantic Web School Of Austria see now  

 ORCHESTRA presentation for end users (Jun'05) download

 ORCHESTRA presentation at the IST 2006: Description and future activities download

You will find up to date presentations of the ORCHESTRA project in the Events area

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